About Us

Magical place in the heart of Krakow

Ti Amo Ti , is an Italian restaurant restaurant located at 10 Karmelicka Street near the Bagatela Theater
Bagatela. Real Italian cuisine in Krakow

Our restaurant offers everyone the opportunity to try culinary specialties, prepared from the highest quality ingredients, imported directly from sunny Italy.

Ambassador of Italian taste? It must be Ti Amo Ti! It guarantees a unique taste and aroma of dishes that perfectly reflect the character of Italy.  

Italian wine and delicious cuisine.. 

Wine has been considered the nectar of the gods for centuries and Italy is equated with the best wines in the world! Now you can enjoy them in our restaurant! Our Polish-Italian staff will also prepare great food with excellent wine: seafood, meat, pasta, rice, pizza. 

The chefs from Ti Amo Ti at 10 Karmelicka Street guarantee you the best Italian food in Krakow! 

As in Vivaldi's four seasons our culinary virtuosos will prepare special, seasonal Italian dishes for you. They are made only from fresh and natural ingredients, without any enhancers or preservatives.  

Thanks to Ti Amo  Ristorante even in Krakow you can feel like in sunny Italy   

The heart of every restaurant is the kitchen.  

Our restaurant has nothing to hide from customers! While waiting for your order, thanks to the open pizzeria, everyone has the opportunity to observe the entire process of creating our original culinary specialties! 

The Ti Amo Ti Ristorante team consists of professionals for whom Italian cuisine has no secrets. Their skills, taken directly from the best restaurants and enriched with the knowledge of local culinary traditions, will make the Italian menu a permanent fixture in your life!  

Real Italian espresso is now at your fingertips!  

We will prepare it for you in our original lever coffee machine, which was made in Naples. 

Ti Amo Ti has an Italian delicatessen served directly from the restaurant, where you can find the best meats, cheeses, pasta, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto and dozens of other products in glass or vacuum, as well as desserts, coffee, renowned wines and other unique Italian products. Our suppliers offer us a wide selection of regional products from the best Italian producers. Our offer also includes gluten-free products - flour and pasta. 

With our customers in mind, we enrich our assortment with new dishes and products every day. 

As part of our offer, we can organize for you:


With us, you can organize an unforgettable birthday that will remain in your memory for a long time. We will prepare this unique celebration with the utmost care, according to your needs! If you want to know more, call us or send us an e-mail and our manager will prepare an individual offer!


Baptism is an extraordinary celebration that requires an extraordinary setting. And this is guaranteed by our restaurant! Contact us, we will definitely be able to prepare a party that will delight you!  


Unforgettable communion party for your child? Only at Ti Amo Ti! A lovely and spacious Italian restaurant in the heart of Krakow, lots of fun and delicious cuisine. It's all at your disposal! Contact us, our managers will be happy to prepare an offer     .  


What is the perfect place for a corporate event or an integration event? Of course, it must be perfectly connected, located in the city center, and at the same time provide a minimum of discretion. Good food, Italian wine and atmospheric decor - they fit perfectly. All of this is guaranteed by Ti Amo Ti! Feel free to contact us and find out about the details of the offer!     


An Italian party? Only from Ti Amo Ti! Fantastic atmosphere and the best Italian cuisine in the center of Krakow! Contact us, we will be happy to prepare an offer!

How to make a reservation?

 Please book in advance by phone

+48881 629934